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"Christ Church Pre-School felt right as soon as we visited. The ideals, methods and environment for development were just what we were looking for. The large garden and outdoor activities along with Forest school visits were perfect for my very active boys. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Christ Church pre-school to anyone."



"Christ Church Pre School was the best recommendation anyone could give. Archie and Eddie were so happy there, I couldn't have been more pleased! Mrs Reilly and her team gave them the best start to their education and I will always be grateful for that."



"Both of my children have absolutely adored their time at Christchurch. The staff are so dedicated and patient, the facilities are fantastic and everyone really knows what they are doing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it (and frequently do). "



"Neil and Katharine have thrived at Christchurch. The informal environment is conducive to learning through play, exactly what I was looking for in a Preschool and I couldn't be happier."



"We are so pleased with our choice of pre-school for our son Joe.


Christchurch offers a stimulating and varied environment for children.  Since attending the pre-school my son seems more able to concentrate and more confident in making choices for himself.  He has come on in leaps and bounds.


The pre-school has a topic each week that he really gets involved in, discussing at home and bringing up in conversation.  He is always thrilled to go into pre-school and even misses it in the holidays!


The regular forest school trips are a particular favourite of his and something that does not seem to be available elsewhere.  As a young boy the opportunity to be in the open air burning off energy is a real bonus.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the pre-school and feel grateful that Joe has been able to attend.  A perfect grounding for school."



"As a parent it's rare that we get an opportunity to spend the morning with our children and their classmates, at Forest School.  I was fortunate enough to be able to do so with my son Milo and his friends in October.


The day was a bit overcast, but the mood was upbeat as we dressed 25 kids in waterproof trousers, jackets and high vis vests.


We then snaked our way along the paths, enjoying the 'Muddy Puddles', before arriving at the hut and fire pit.  The staff walked the class round showing them the 'Red & White' tape that was not to be passed.


A couple of funny questions such as "Who are you?", "Are you Milo's dad?", "How old are you?" and "Why have you got a beard?" out of the way and they were off.  Exploring with energy, passion and no fear - jumping/clambering over trees, roots and logs or watching the ranger light the fire.  Even the littlest ones taking part.


I was asked to lift a couple onto a huge, fallen tree, this soon caught on and I soon found myself making train noises with 12 sets of eyes looking at me as we visited such places as Disneyland, London, Hello Kitty World and of course Peppa Pig Land.


After a well-earned break for a piece of fruit, a biscuit and a warm cup of hot chocolate, they went back to the woods.  Running around, climbing, bouncing on a branch, making 'mud chocolate stew' or sitting just looking at the trees and the sky. 


Soon it was time to go, with the head count completed and the 'Red & White' tape taken down we snaked our way back, at a much slower pace but still enjoying the muddy puddles, to the pick-up point.


Then 25 sets of waterproof trousers, jackets and high vis vests removed and collected, 25 pairs of wellies (off and on), it was time to say goodbye.


It is an excellent safe environment for the children to really enjoy and express themselves.


If you find yourself with a couple of free hours that match one of the mornings the class is going to 'Forest School' then tag along, because seeing them all racing around is fun.


If I can sneak away from work on the 21 Nov, I will be volunteering again."


Milo's Dad.


 Graces first trip to forest school was an occasion we will never forget. She came home covered head to toe in mud, smiling and bursting to tell me all about the 'mud bath'. 

 We take Grace to the woods a lot so I wondered how forest school would differ from that, it really has proved to be a new and exciting adventure. 

Grace loves all of it, from putting on the 'special' waterproofs, getting on the coach and the actual forest itself. She gets to explore the woods in a completely different was with her friends  and is able to do things that I might be less keen to do with her. 

Grace says ' I like sliding down the hill on my bottom, searching for moss, finding pine cones and splattering in the mud bath'.


When Sue told us earlier this year that she had signed Christchurch  up for the Kent Forest project I was very excited because like most children, Alfie loves to be outdoors. 

I soon volunteered to attend one of the trips planned for the spring/summer and it was brilliant experience. 

As the children arrived at 9am they were all asked to put on their waterproofs which had been laid out for them on their chairs. Everyone did it without complaint and it was great to see them all helping each other. The it was time to board the coach and again it was lovely to see how independent they all were, putting on their seatbelts without instruction or assistance. When we arrived at tghe country park, the ranger asked all the children to stand against the wall. You can't imagine how well 20 or so young children behaved while they waited excitedly for their instructions.

Once we arrived at the area they were to explore they were instructed by the ranger not to go beyond the red and white taped boundaries. All that was left was for Sue to tell all us parents not to be worried or concerned about anything unless she was and to give all the kids the freedom to do what they wanted.

Well it was brilliant. 

Watching not only your own child but all the other 3 and 4 year olds just 'get on with it'. They all decided to head for this fantastic mud hill which had only a rope to guide them. It really was amazing to see such young children working as a tea mto climb one by one up the steep hill offering assistance to anyone that needed it. It was so lovely to see them all care for each other in such a way. Not one child asked for an adults assistance so we just all stood back and watched. Then it was time to slide down the other side and the laughter was just fantastic. This kept most of them occupied for a very long time. 

After a while each of the children at differing times chose to try something different. Whether it was hunting for sticks, making mud pies (using mud mixed with lots and lots of water, most parents worse nightmare), climbing, digging up moss or using magnifying glasses to view their findings. There wasn't a grumble amongst them just lots of fun and laughter. 

But what I also found particularly amazing was that while we each of them were exploring the area not one went outside the boundaries and without prompt knew to stay inside the taped area.

Observing  Alfie in such a way made me realise how much he could do on his own without my constant supervision. And it truly was a great experience. 

I can't wait to go again.



















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